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I'm here to solve your computer problem, so, give me a call! 505-261-6377

  I provide curbside service to my customers through my FREE Pickup and Delivery Service!   That's right, I come to you!

PC Mobile Pro

106 Colorado Mountain Rd NE, Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124, United States





Miscellaneous Items

computer repair, mac repair, laptop repair, abq computer repair, laptop screen replacement

Computer Hardware Upgrades & Replacements

There are many other repairs and upgrades I can do that are not covered on the other support pages:

Power Supplies For Desktops


Memory Upgrades

Laptop Keyboards

Video Card Upgrades

And more...

Every item above is unique and varies from computer to computer. It would be impossible to list every variable that goes into the price of a particular item. Best thing to do is just call for a quote.